Athletes Foot (tinea pedis)

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungal or yeast infection of the skin of the foot. It can affect anyone no matter what their age or gender, although men do tend to suffer more with this problem more. It is also not confined to athletes, people with a sedentary lifestyle can even get it.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Feet sometimes have a funky cheesy smell
  • There is often itchiness and burning between the toes and sometimes on the sole
  • There may be small blisters / red spots that form on the sole
  • Swelling and thickening of the skin can cause heat and pain
  • Cracked/torn/flaky/scaly skin that looks dry on the sole. Skin can also be white and macerated between the toes
  • If left untreated it can spread to the nails (fungal nail infection)
  • Mostly it is found on the feet, but it can spread to the hands and face

What Cause Athletes Foot

Mainly it is caused by the build-up of perspiration (sweat) – leading to increased numbers of yeast of dermatophytes on the feet. Protective footwear and trainers worn for long periods create the ideal environment for them to grow and multiply.
Over the counter athlete foot treatments are available as ointments / creams / sprays / powder. They will need to be applied daily and also for 1-2 weeks after the infection appears to have cleared.

How to Prevent Athletes Foot

  • Washing feet daily (especially between the toes)
  • Using clean cotton socks each day
  • Wearing flip flops around swimming pools or changing rooms
  • Replacing or washing trainers regularly