What Causes Toenails to Thicken

I met Pat through her daughter, who had been searching for a Chiropodist Bloxwich. Pat is an elderly lady with mobility problems, and they quickly realised that attending a foot clinic would have been difficult for her. Looking for someone to carry out a home visit, they came across my website, and after a brief conversation, I was able to assure that I could help.
Pat had a problem with very thick nails that were growing upwards rather than long. I meet many people with similar issues, and for Pat, they would often catch on the bed sheets at night which could be quite painful. During the day, she would often get pain from pressure where the nail pushed against her slippers or shoes.
Her daughter had done an excellent job of maintaining her feet to date, but with no formal training nor the specialist equipment to manage such thick nails, she was finding it increasingly difficult to cut her nails. Realising she needed help, she decided to get a professional in.

The thickness of her nails was due to a combination of her age, circulation problems and the presence of a fungal nail infection. Some of her nails were also discoloured and crumbling.

Treatment For Thick Nails

Having completed a full assessment, I explained to Pat my course of action and answered any questions she had.
Some treatments that I carry out are subtle and require a delicate touch, for Pat’s nails, I needed something a little more powerful, almost industrial. My surgical electric drill, with a multitude of sandpapers of various grits, would make short work of Pat’s problematic toenails, and in no time at all, I was able to reduce them down to more normal size and appearance.
When considering ongoing treatments, I was able to discount specific options based on her age, existing ailments and medication she was already taking. Oral antifungal tablets were not an option as they can affect liver function in some people and for Pat, I felt that a Topical treatment used daily was her best option.

Ongoing Treatment

Pat will need to have her nails filed down every few months depending on how fast they grow.

Treatment for Fungal Nails