I visited Andy in his Wolverhampton home to assess his painful feet. He’d had a pain in the foot for over six months which was getting progressively worse. He knew he had a lump on the ball of his foot, but didn’t know what it was. He regularly removed some of the hard skin ( callus ), which did relieve the discomfort for a while.
Andy had a hard corn, also known as a Heloma Durum. These corns have a hard cone-shaped centre that is very painful when pressure is applied. As a plumber, his job involves going up and down ladders and crouching, all movements that pressed just where the corn was positioned. He knew he needed to get the problem solved as soon as possible, as it was beginning to affect his work.
Although this was a painful problem, Andy had struggled to find the time to see anyone. He worked long hours and visiting a foot clinic was not possible. Providing a domiciliary service allowed him to relax in the comfort of his own home. He was pleasantly surprised that removal of the corn was relatively pain-free and that all discomfort had gone.
Having assessed the structure of his feet and footwear, I advised on ways he could help prevent future problems, as without modifying what had caused the corn, it was likely to return eventually. Andy messaged me the following day to thank me and also let me know he’d actually gone running that morning, something he had stopped doing because of the pain in his foot.

Treatment for Corns